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What would you do if you found yourself left by your husband, no means of income, and not able to communicate because you do not speak the language? What if police came to your door and took your five children from your arms and you did not understand what was going on?

This is what happened to Noelia. When she came to Agape, her children had been taken away from her nine months previously. She had spiraled into a pit of total anguish and despair. She decided that the only thing left to do was take her own life. She was beyond any hope that she would ever have or see her children again. The pain was too great to bear.

In her despair, she made a final call to a friend named Rosa. Rosa prayed with her on the phone. Rosa told her that she knew of a place that may be able to help…a place called Agape. 
That first day Noelia walked through the doors she said, “I walked into Agape totally alone, but when I left, I knew I wasn’t alone anymore.”

Carolyn, Noelia’s bilingual advocate

At Agape, her hope was restored in God and in humanity. She was partnered with two different volunteers. One volunteer helped her through her journey of prayer and spiritual healing. The other became a bilingual advocate for court hearings, DHS meetings, and legal appointments.

Within three weeks of coming to Agape, she was reunified with her children once again. This is a miracle with no earthly explanation!
She now has her children, a job, and will soon have her driver’s license! She says, “That first day I walked through these doors, I felt a peace that I had not felt in 9 months. God began to work a miracle in my life, and He used Agape to do it! Everything in my life began to change starting that day!”

Prayer Volunteer, Sherry, with Noelia