Fall 2021 Devotional Series
A Journey Through the “Spaces” of Our Lives

Dear Friends,

We are excited to provide a safe place for people to explore a relationship with Jesus Christ. No matter where you land…faith, no faith, searching, hurting, or just curious, read onward my friend!

Curl up in your favorite chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and find a quiet place. Life can be so much richer when we take these moments every day to understand and get to know that there is Hope and a Purpose in life.

I am hopeful that you find encouragement and some answers in the words that follow.

Throughout these devotional series, you will be connected to both the ministry of Agape and to a man named Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to share these devotions with your family and friends. We desire to support you in creating an ongoing pattern of learning about who Jesus is, reading the Bible, worship, prayer, and growth.

We love each one of you and are excited to offer this series to support and care for you in a tangible way!

I am praying that the words bring truth, love, and hope.
Leanna Simpson
Executive Director

Day 1:

Known Space

By Jodi Girard, Agape Office Manager

Day 2:

Seeking Space

By Leanna Simpson, Agape Executive Director

Day 3:

Quiet Space

By Leanna Simpson, Agape Executive Director

Day 4:

Healthy Space

By David Bush, Founder of “Fit for the King

Day 5:

Humble Space

By Leanna Simpson, Agape Executive Director

Day 6:

Selfless Space

By Pastor Shawn Powers, Lead Pastor at Redemption Hill Church

Day 7:

Godly Space

By Dawson & Leanna Simpson