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Carley was raised in a refugee camp on the border of Thailand and Burma. She was surrounded by fencing and her entire life was about survival and fear. She had no hopes, no dreams, and no goals.

She was brought over to the United States at the age of 9, where her father died shortly thereafter. Her mother worked three jobs and had little time for Carley or her siblings. Carley, by the age of 12, was left to run the household and take care of her siblings. She did not know what it felt like to have a childhood full of friends and activities. She felt as if her life was still about “survival”.

When she found out she was first expecting, she and her husband were very scared and they felt like they needed help and support. They found Agape on the internet. When they started to take the parenting classes, they learned so much! She learned that she can become a better parent and started to gain more confidence in her skills. She learned about discipline and how to raise her child differently than how she had been raised.

“Agape showed us that a happy family needs both parents. My husband learned that it is okay to do more than work all the time but he learned that playing and having fun with his children is also part of being a parent. I thank God that He brought me all the way here to meet Agape.”

Carly with her husband & 1-year old daughter.