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Pregnancy Tests

Think you’re pregnant? Agape is a place you can come to process everything. We provide pregnancy testing free of charge. You will receive the results during your pregnancy test appointment. 


It is important to have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and find out the gestational age (how far along the pregnancy is) to know all of your options. We are able to provide on-site ultrasounds at no charge to you. Ultrasounds are scheduled after your initial pregnancy test appointment.

STD Testing

Curious about how STDs are contracted? Our team can answer your questions on how to avoid infection. Agape Pregnancy Center provides testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis at no charge to you.

Earn While You Learn Classes

What are Earn While You Learn classes?

There are ongoing parenting classes that are made to fit your busy schedule. Topics range from baby basics to discipline issues.

When should I take these classes?

Anytime! These classes are designed to help you throughout the beginning stages of your pregnancy all the way through the early years of your child’s life.

Who can take the class?

Anyone, both moms and dads are welcome!

What are Agape bucks and how can I earn them?

Agape bucks may be spent in the Agape Store for items such as diapers, wipes, clothing, car seats, pack n plays, and more. Earn Agape bucks for each class you attend.

Informative Classes

Learn skills to help you be the best parent you can be. EWYL parenting classes cover a variety of topics from pregnancy through early childhood.

Earn Baby Items

Agape Pregnancy Center’s Earn While You Learn classes are a great way to prepare for the arrival of your child while getting the material items you will need!

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For the guys

She's Pregnant. Now what?

We are here for you, too. Our team is ready to talk with you. We can provide information on all your options and specifically address your needs and issues as a guy.

Get your questions answered

You probably have questions. What do I do now? Who pays the hospital bills? Can a DNA “Paternity Test” prove I’m the father? Can her parents keep me from the baby? We can help you as you work through these questions. Set up an appointment by yourself or with the mother.

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If you’re ready to talk in person or on the phone, you have three options: book an appointment online, give us a call, or walk-in to our clinic. We’re here for you.

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