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Planned Giving

Your generosity can help support the mission of AGAPE for the future.

Charitable gifts can help the men and women who walk through our doors long past your lifespan.

One of the best ways to participate in planned giving is through our endowment fund. Endowments are funds that are invested and set aside so the original assets grow over time providing ongoing income.

Gifts We Accept

Stocks & Bonds

Stock may be given directly to Agape or through the donor's broker at Syverson Strege, Jason Gunkel at (515) 225-6000. Donated securities are recorded at their fair market value on the date of the transfer to Agape's brokerage account.

Security Transfer Instructions


Bequests are gifts that are made as part of a will or trust. Bequests are the transfers of wealth that occur upon a donor's death. Agape needs to be named as beneficiary.


A trust agreement is a document that follows your instructions for property held in trust for your beneficiaries. Setting up a trust may protect your estate property and avoid probate.

Retirement Plans

Donors are encouraged to name Agape as beneficiary of their retirement plans, IRAs, and traditional annuities.

Gift Annuities

A Charitable Gift Annuity is an agreement through which the donor makes a gift of cash or securities and in turn receives guaranteed income for life.

Life Insurance

Life insurance gifts may be in the form of existing policies or new policies and consist of whole life, universal life, or term life insurance.

Real Estate

Individuals with property may be able to realize significant tax benefits by contributing the property to Agape.

Personal Property

Acceptance of gifts of personal property may be considered. Agape will determine if the proposed gift is acceptable according to the market.

Connect with Agape

Take a Tour

We welcome you to take a tour of our facilities. We’re happy to show you around Agape!

Request a Speaker

We visit churches, small groups, and youth groups to talk about Agape’s mission and services for the community.

Plan a Service Project

Please contact us if you are interested in planning a service project or volunteer event.