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Client Services Assistant

Job Description

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Objectives of the position

The Client Services Assistant is responsible for the volunteers and the services they provide as well as assisting the Director of Client Services as needed.

Reports to

Director of Client Services


Oversees all EWYL staff at the center, under the direction of the Director of Client Services.

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  • Be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord
  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the pro-life position and sexual purity
  • Agree with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Faith and the policies of the center
  • Have a bachelor’s preferably in a helping field or related experience
  • Have one year of experience as a volunteer in some ministry capacity
  • Have two years of experience in a helping profession, preferably with management experience or equivalent
  • Have experience in basic office operations and basic computer operations
  • Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving
  • Exhibit excellent organizational skill
  • Be able to perform routine clerical duties
  • Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship and support to the volunteers and fellow staff
  • Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision

Application Process

Please email us with your interest and resume.

Essential Funtions
Administrative, Reception, Client Services, and Training


  • Assist in conducting volunteer training seminar
  • Assist the Client Services Director in conducting and supervising the orientation of new volunteers in the center
  • Assist in scheduling volunteer in-service trainings


  • Answer phone and route calls when volunteers are not available
  • Schedule appointments and greet clients, following guidelines and procedures of the center, when volunteers are not available


  • See that all correspondence as pertains to Client Services (schedules, forms, thank you letters) is gathered, typed, copied, and mailed on a timely basis.
  • Update all forms, files, and manuals as advised by the Director of Client Services.
  • Assist the Client Services Director in developing and maintaining monthly schedule for the EWYL volunteers.
  • Prayer Email Team – Update prayer team email group and send out weekly prayer requests.

Client Services

  • Provide services for patients and clients when volunteers are not available
  • Maintain and update the referral resources for volunteers and client use
  • Assist the Client Services Director in ordering materials needed to provide services to patients and clients.
  • Oversee all – English and Spanish – Earn While You Learn curriculum and store
  • Communicate changes or information to the EWYL facilitators via the Volunteer Communication Book
  • Input EWYL data into Ekyros
  • Be available to the volunteers for support and questions.
  • Lead prayer time at the beginning of each volunteer shift when the Client Services Director is not available
  • Appreciate EWYL volunteers through an annual appreciation dinner, monthly volunteer activities, Christmas gifts, birthday cards, words of appreciation, etc.
  • Provide yearly review/evaluation of the EWYL volunteers